There comes a time…when you have to bite the bullet and update your sh*t…

I am not a great and terrible webmistress. In fact, it takes me quite a while to wade my way through the joys of WordPress.

In light of my publisher having passed away and thereby seeing the rights to 16 of my books returned, I’ve been forced to take action to get those babies back out. I’ve self-published them now. Victory Woman Press. They are professionally edited (Marisa Chenery) and have professional covers (April Martinez/Graphicfantastic) .

Since I went “all indy” I have seen more success with sales and all-the-things than I have in years. There’s something to handling everything yourself, even if that means I have a little less time to write.

So, as I finish the fourth book in my JJ Andrews Hexing Harlots series, I continue to re-edit and publish the final Darragha Books and work on my new young adult dystopian sci-fi as Goshen Hexx. Let’s chat soon. You can reach me at

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